Assessment & Testing

The Associates of Springfield Psychological provide psychoeducational testing to determine if an individual has an exceptionality and if special services are needed. In understanding strengths and weaknesses, we can help develop an approach to learning that fits the person’s cognitive, academic, and emotional profile.

Testing can determine various exceptionalities, such as giftedness, learning disabilities, emotional disorders, attention deficit disorder/concentration difficulty, or developmental disorders.

Since all of our testing is completed by certified school psychologists, schools are able to use our evaluations to determine if the student has a disability which requires special education services or accommodations.

Our experienced psychologists make effective and reasonable recommendations which parents can understand and school personnel can use to plan appropriate action. After the evaluation is completed, the psychologist will meet with you to review the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and will provide you with a written report.

The complete evaluation will consist of investigating four areas:

Intelligence: An assessment will be made of the person’s intellectual abilities to gain a measure of the expected levels of achievement and speed of learning.
bullet Perception: Testing will be completed to determine if any perceptual difficulties exist (how a person perceives visual or auditory information). In addition, an Attention Deficit Disorder (with or without hyperactivity) will be explored if appropriate.
bullet Achievement: Current levels of achievement in basic skill areas (i.e., reading recognition, comprehension, mathematics, etc.) will be evaluated in order to determine if the client is above, at, or below expected levels.
bullet Social/Emotional: The client’s social and emotional adjustment will be evaluated in order to identify or rule out other difficulties such as anxiety, depression, etc. and to identify coping styles and strengths. This information will help the psychologist gain an understanding of how the client feels as well as how they relate to their environment.

Please note that we cannot release the report until we have received payment in full. For additional information, including approximate costs, please feel free to contact our office at 610-544-2110.

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