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Assessment and Testing


Psychological testing is provided by Springfield Psychological for the following purposes: diagnostic clarification of psychiatric conditions; self or other-harm risk evaluation; evaluation of functional deficits in physical and psychiatric disability; collecting baseline data and tracking treatment response; assessing personality traits; assessing coping styles; assessing impact of stressors; assessing social skills; evaluation of readiness to return to work or school.


Neuropsychological Testing is provided for the following purposes: assessment of neurocognitive functioning following brain injury; assessment of neurocognitive functioning in context of developmental disorders; evaluation of reports of progressive cognitive decline; documentation of neurocognitive disorders and functional capacities; return to work, school or sport following injury.

Areas typically assessed in neuropsychological testing are: IQ, attention, memory, motor, visual processing, auditory processing, spatial processing, language, executive functions, social skills/judgment, and emotional processing.


Springfield Psychological provides psychoeducational testing to determine if an individual has an exceptionality and requires special services or additional supports. Through identifying and understanding strengths/weaknesses, we develop an approach to learning that promotes an individual’s cognitive, academic, and emotional success. Since all of our testing is completed by certified school psychologists, schools are able to use our evaluations to determine if the student has a disability which requires special education services or accommodations. Testing can determine various exceptionalities, such as giftedness, learning disabilities, emotional disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, memory issues, concentration difficulty, or developmental disorders. We make effective and reasonable recommendations to assist parents in more effectively helping their child and support school personnel in accommodating student needs. Upon completing the evaluation, the psychologist will arrange a meeting to review the individual’s strengths/weaknesses, discuss findings/recommendations and provide you with a written report.

Psychoeducational Testing is offered for the following purposes: diagnosis of learning disorders, evaluation of academic underachievement, measurement of academic skill development, evaluation of giftedness, evaluation of IQ, educational placement, IEP development, and obtaining disability accommodations in school and testing contexts.

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