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Newton, Carolyn PsyD

Dr. Newton is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a M.S. in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Immaculata University.

We all experience personal challenges, problematic behaviors, painful feelings, and difficult relationships. I am committed to helping my clients better manage these difficulties and make positive changes in their lives. I am trained in psychodynamic therapy, client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. In a collaborative, therapeutic relationship, I work with adolescents and adults who experience depression, anxiety, opposition, mood dysregulation, anger management issues, life transition issues, or self-esteem issues.

With my training and more than 25 years’ experience as a therapist, I work with clients to help them to identify and recognize patterns in their past that may be prohibiting positive change. Self-awareness is the foundation for change. I support my clients in developing the insight and skills to enable positive change and to continue to grow as they move forward.

Newton, Carolyn PsyD

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